BOA-408i S5 package

This bore welder system provides standard components allowing bore welding in bores from 20mm (.8") to 1.2m (48"), outside diameter welding range of 0mm to 914mm (36") plus automatic face welding from 0mm to 610mm (24") diameters.  Has second gun/conduit assembly that will accomodate long duration, heavy duty applications. This HD gun uses the 450HD borewelder tips, nozzles and consumables rated for 250amp welding. A professional's package.  Standard and compact drive shaft will work in this drive as well, if desired. With this kit you even receive the compact BOA-M1 kit, the full, compact bore welder package so handy for those ultra-tight areas requiring a bore welder. (great for steering cylinder attachment points on loaders)

Key Benefits

  • Pass-through drive system features telescoping, reversible torch extension with precision lead-screw feed ensures accurate, repeatable weld bead placement ensuring proper bead to bead and bead to base metal penetration (weld thickness is easily adjusted by increasing or decreasing torch speed and wire feed speed)
  • Durable corrosion-resistant construction throughout
  • Patented dis-engagable lockable clutch system allows single-plane first welds 
  • Easily adapted to a variety of boring bar systems using standard BRS interchange kits
  • Pivoting torch head allows system to weld in large range of bore sizes with no torch change
  • All weld nozzles are electrically isolated, thread-on design
  • All weld tips are straight thread-in design; easily replaced and inexpensive
  • Adjustable machine support allows easy machine centering and leveling once mounted to part
  • Allows weld buildup on equipment bores up to 1.2m (48") and pins and OD's up to 1.2m (48")
  • Allows worn part faces to be built up
  • May be purchased with or without MIG wire feeder and power supply, or easily interfaces with your existing MIG feeder


Includes Standard:

-Custom heavy duty aluminum carrying/storage case

-Arc start / stop / interrupt switch

-Power cord

-Operators manual

-Tool kit

-One piece motion device and controller with variable position borewelder mount

-32mm (1.25") stainless steel support tube with position repeat groove

-Long-stroke upgrade installed - (318mm (12.5") continuous)

-Auto-Skip upgrade installed - (allows partial diameter weld buildup/ weld/no-weld zone programming)

-(10) Mini diffusers 

-(10) Mini nozzles (insulated)

-(10) Standard diffusers

-(10) .8mm (.030") Stub tips 

-(10) .8mm (.030") Standard tips

-(10) Standard nozzle (insulated)

-(10) Stub nozzle (insulated)

-(10) Stub tips .030" (.035" and .045" substitute also available upon request)

-(10) Standard tips .030" (.035" and .045" substitute also available upon request)

-Standard torch assembly with 610mm (24") extension tube and 3m (10') conduit

-Adjustable "T" base and tack plate

-4" radial support extender

-Large diameter torch assembly

-8" radial support extender

-(2) Large diameter torch extenders

-Outside diameter torch

-Face welding torch

-Beam gun adjustable I.D. and O.D. weld head

-Heavy duty conduit assembly (shown on top of carry case) This allows for long duration, 250 amp welding for your deep, high-buildup jobs

-Lo-Speed gearset for precision control on ultra large diameter bore welding (not pictured)

-Compact bore welder drive (BOA-M1 drive) Allows bore welding in very limited access areas (not pictured)

-Compact gun extension tube

-Stub welding gun (not pictured)

-Short drive spindle assembly with tool-less, low profile extender tube clamp (not pictured)

-Micro welding gun assembly w/spare nozzle and tips (not pictured)

Popular optional equipment Includes:

-Integrated Boring bar system (hydraulic, pneumatic and electric versions available)

-Extended range internal diameter welding components (up to 2.5m (100") diameter) 

-Bore welder to boring bar interchange kit (allows units to share single support)

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